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This is a projects course based on computer graphic tools. This term, the projects may be in one of the following areas: geometric modeling, computer animation, computational photography. The specific projects and the relevant background will be presented during the first two meetings. Following the introductory lectures, we will meet on an approximately bi-weekly basis to discuss the progress, answer questions and present interim results. The final project presentation, demo and written project report will be done by the end of the semester.


This is an MS Capstone Course, hence the following requirements apply:

Expected work

Participants will design and implement graphical applications of a considerable scale. The project will involve researching and comprehending related academic literature, implementing the techniques and algorithms found in the literature and critically assessing them by running various tests and evaluations. Programming knowledge and familiarity with computer graphics and GUI programming is required. All students are expected to make at least three presentations during the course: an initial presentation describing the project goals and a draft of the work plan; an interim report presenting the current progress and the final presentation/demo (this course is a good opportunity to work on your presentation skills). In addition, participants will submit a written initial project statement, a literature review and the final project report.

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