The Interactive Geometry Lab is a research group within the Institute of Visual Computing of ETH Zurich, led by Prof. Olga Sorkine-Hornung. We do research in Computer Graphics, focusing on interactive shape modeling and animation, digital geometry processing, as well as image and video processing. Prospective researchers are welcome to contact us.


Olga Sorkine-Hornung was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure :-) ETH news announcement...
"Einstein" on SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) did a segment on our research, including the Tangible and Modular Animation Device! Check out the full show (in German), our part starts around 9:55.
We have 2 new SIGGRAPH ASIA papers this year! Check out our publications page for more details.
Oliver Glauser joins IGL.
Last week at the ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies exhibition, we had the honor of presenting our "Puppet" articulation device to thousands of participants, including the Mayor of Vancouver (BC)! Here is a snapshot of the event and a media release about our project.
CGAL releases a package that implements our As-Rigid-As-Possible Surface Deformation! Check it out!
The source code for our paper "Content-Aware Surface Parameterization for Interactive Restoration of Historical Documents" is now available. Check it out!
Our paper on Designing N-PolyVector Fields with Complex Polynomials presented at SGP 2014 has received the Best Paper award!
We have 4 new SIGGRAPH papers this year, as well as two ACM TOG papers, to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2014. Check out our publications page for more details.
A new, free iPad app called Animato implements our skinning method using Bounded Biharmonic Weights! The app allows users to animate their photos using an intuitive multitouch interface. Check it out at the Apple AppStore!
Our SIGGRAPH 2011 paper "Bounded Biharmonic Weights for Real-Time Deformation" is reprinted as a Research Highlight by the Communications of the ACM, with a foreword by Joe Warren.
The new (2.7) version of Blender apparently contains a Laplacian Deform Modifier, based on our Laplacian Mesh Editing work! More...
Alec Jacobson wins the Eurographics Annual Award for Best PhD Thesis. The award is given to the best PhD theses in Computer Graphics in Europe. Congratulations, Alec!
Holly Rushmeier visits IGL and speaks at the Distinguished Computer Science Colloquium. More...
Migros-magazin publishes an upbeat story featuring the so-called try-out study week (Schnupperstudium) of our Forum for Women in Computer Science. More...
Tim Hoffmann visits IGL and gives a guest lecture in the group seminar.
Detlef Mueller, senior manager of digital creation at Adidas, visits IGL.
Check out our new EUROGRAPHICS 2014 and TOG papers! Among other things, we are working with colleagues at UCL to digitally restore historical parchments from The Great Parchment Book.
Happy New Year! New this year, we added the Code section to our website, where we list all research software and code of our group. Note the public release of the libigl library! More...

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