Example-Driven Mesh Deformations

Mario Botsch, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Thursday, March 29, 2012, 11:15am
CAB, G 11


Despite the huge progress made in interactive physics-based mesh deformation, manipulating a geometrically complex mesh or posing a detailed character is still a tedious and time-consuming task. Example-driven methods significantly simplify the modeling process by incorporating structural or anatomical knowledge learned from example poses. However, these approaches yield counter-intuitive, non-physical results as soon as the shape space spanned by the example poses is left.

In this talk I will present a modeling framework that is both example-driven and physics-based and thereby avoids the limitations of both approaches. The main idea is to combine mesh deformation and mesh interpolation operators based on discrete shells into a simple and flexible mesh-based inverse kinematics system.

In order to be able to also handle defective input poses, I will also present some initial work on pose repair, which removes geometric artifacts from a given set of mesh poses. The deformation from the rest pose to a target pose is modeled as integration of a smooth space-time vector field, which by construction guarantees the absence of self-intersections in the repaired target pose, and by this automatically repairs the defective mesh poses.

Homepage: http://graphics.uni-bielefeld.de/people/botsch.php