Animato: 2D Shape Deformation and Animation on Mobile Devices

ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications 2016
Stefan Messmer, Signe Fleischmann, Olga Sorkine-Hornung

Animato: 2D Shape Deformation and Animation on Mobile Devices


We present Animato, an interactive app for the animation of 2D shapes using an intuitive multi-touch interface and a novel collaborative multi-user mode. We describe our implementation of a state-of-the-art nonlinear shape deformation method on iOS devices, overcoming their hardware limitations. Informal testing with users shows that even novices have an easily accessible entry point to computer animation and are quickly able to record animation performances using our app thanks to the direct and intuitive multi-touch interface and the fast shape deformation algorithm.



We are grateful to Alec Jacobson, Daniele Panozzo and Alexander Sorkine-Hornung for illuminating discussions and support, and to Bettina Sigrist and her students for volunteering their time to the user studies. This work was funded in part by the SNF grant 200021_162958 and the ERC grant iModel (StG-2012-306877).